Welcome to Tobacco Road, Smoking Angels & The RYO Savings Boom!

As the cost of cigarettes has continued to explode, Tobacco Road Sales, Smoking Angels Memberships and the Roll Your Own (RYO) market has grown by leaps and bounds.

Although recent legislation has significantly changed the RYO industry while also increasing the tax on tobacco, the RYO industry is still relevant and catering to smokers given the fact that the cost to roll a carton of cigarettes is still roughly one third the cost of pre-manufactured product. This cost difference continues to fuel growth in the RYO segment, driving sales of tobacco, tubes and memberships that allow for hand rolling and use of RYO filling machines.

With the benefit of custom blended tobacco that has minimum chemicals coupled with the development and use of the RYO Filling Station — and a filling speed of 8 minutes per 200 smokes — customers now can customize their own smokes without having to inhale all the typical chemicals found in traditional cigarettes while also enjoying the flavor full inexpensive experience that Tobacco Road and Smoking Angles has to offer.